Subway Access (Indoors)

Our office can be directly accessed from underground subway by both the Yonge and Sheppard Lines.

  1. If you are on the Yonge subway line, take the escalator to Sheppard line platform.

  2. From the Sheppard subway line platform, follow the “Hullmark Centre" sign. Walk to the end of the hallway and before reaching the escalator, you will see a door with another "Hullmark Centre" sign on the right.

  3. Take the P2 elevator to the lobby,

  4. Take another elevator from the lobby to the third floor.

Safe Drop Off/Pick Up

Entrance from Sheppard Ave E to east side of Hullmark Centre.

Easy Access for Patients in Wheelchairs


Proceed west on Sheppard Ave E, open door to subway, on right there is an elevator, press button to go to the other level to P2 of Hullmark Centre, take P2 elevator to lobby of 4789 Yonge St.


See information below.

Parking Information

If your visit is within 90 mins

90 minutes of free parking with $15 purchase from Whole Foods Market.

  1. Entrance to east side of Hullmark Centre from Sheppard Ave E

  2. For easy access and to use free parking offer from Whole Foods Market, park on P2 between Market and 4789 Yonge entrance.

  3. Please present unpaid parking voucher to Whole Foods cashier.

  4. Going to our office please take elevator in 4789 Yonge St. commercial building to the lobby (L), then a different elevator from the lobby to third floor.

If your visit is over 90 mins

  1. SW of Yonge & Sheppard - flat fee after 5pm Mon-Fri, full day on Sat.

  2. Free parking on Anndale Drive 6 pm or after Mon-Fri, full day on Sat.

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about our new location.